ETFs vs Mutual Funds

When most people think about investing, the first thing that comes to mind is stocks. But there are several other options available, including ETFs and mutual funds. While both have their pros and cons, they each have unique features that may make them a better fit for different investors.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ETFs and mutual funds, including a comparison of their key features.

Ep. 17 Checking The Boxes with Rodman Schley

On this week’s episode of the Work Hard Retire Early Podcast, I spoke with with Rodman Schley! Brief Background:  On this week’s episode, we sat down with Rodman Schley! Rodman is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and everything else under the sun. If you can think of it, Rodman has probably done it.  From …

What Are I-Bonds?

With inflation at record highs and interest rates at record lows, investors are looking for safe investments with high returns. Traditionally safer investments, like CDs and corporate bonds, have such low yields, that they can be negligible at best. That has led to many investors to look at alternatives, such as I-bonds.

These circumstances have led to I-bonds getting a lot of attention on social media and in the news. Despite the uptick in news and coverage, many are still unaware of what I-bonds are and are left wondering if they should be investing in them. So, in this article, we will be breaking down what I-bonds are and whether or not they are right for your portfolio. 

Ep. 16 Staying On Track with Lucas Thomas

On this week’s episode of the Work Hard Retire Early Podcast, I got the opportunity to interview Lucas Thomas for the show. Lucas is a financial planner, a real estate investor, an entrepreneur, and the founder of RHM financial planning. He shares with us his experiences and failures in each field to help you make better decisions and avoid the same mistakes.

The Best Paying Part Time Jobs Without a Degree

Whether you are a student, pursuing Barista FIRE, are looking for a better work-life balance, have limited availability to work, or just need to make some extra cash, a part time job could be what you need to make ends meet. We compiled this list of the highest paying part time jobs in the United States to help you decide what job is best for you.