Ep. 17 Checking The Boxes with Rodman Schley

On this week’s episode of the Work Hard Retire Early Podcast, I spoke with with Rodman Schley! Brief Background:  On this week’s episode, we sat down with Rodman Schley! Rodman is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and everything else under the sun. If you can think of it, Rodman has probably done it.  From …

Ep. 15 Public Sector Financial Independence with Sam Zelinka

On this week’s episode of the Work Hard Retire Early Podcast, I got the opportunity to bring Sam Zelinka, or you may better know him as Government Worker FI, on to the show. Sam is a long time blogger, has been a government worker since 18, and has a strong passion for the FIRE movement and personal finance.  His roots may be in helping government workers understand their benefits, but his advice and takes on managing your money and retiring early are applicable to everyone. If you are a government worker, have an interest in the FIRE movement, or just want to learn more about Sam then make sure to tune in to this episode!

How Elon Musk Became the Richest Man in The World

With a net worth of over $225 Billion, Elon Musk is the richest man on the planet. Today, you probably know him for his presence on Twitter, as the CEO of Tesla, as a crypto enthusiast, or as that guy who is obsessed with going to Mars. But, how did he get to this point? What did he do to make this much money?

8 Online Side Hustles that You Can Start Today!

A side hustle can help you make more money and reach financial freedom faster. To help you start side hustling today, we compiled a list of the 8 Best Side Hustles that you can start today! The best part about these side hustles? They are all completely online, so you can work them entirely from home. These side hustles take little to no time to start and no start-up capital is needed. So, go ahead and get started today and let us know in the comments what your favorite side hustle is and if there is anything that you would add to the list.