Hey, Joseph here.

Long time, no talk. We have been working on a few things behind the scenes, hence the sudden lack of content. Luckily, that should all be resolved now and we are back at it.

Effective immediately we are re-branding to Hadaway Financial! We feel that a new identity will better suit our upcoming content and business plans. Over the next few weeks, we will be re-uploading the podcast episodes, the YouTube catalog, and several articles to reflect the new branding and remove all of the “Work Hard -Retire Early” references.

Outside of the new name and logo, there will be no other changes to the content. Starting tomorrow, the podcast will be returning as the “Strive To FI” show (and a new logo is coming too). We will still be talking to entrepreneurs and investors, just with a different name. And starting Wednesday, we will be returning with bi-weekly articles to help you make more money and retire early.

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